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Eden Black - Porn Star
Eden Black
Eden Black
A Hungarian honey with a shapely figure and a big, beautiful smile, Eden Black has a refreshing girl-next-door look that no doubt led to her being voted as our first Danni's Casting Call winner. Though she's now a resident of Hollywood, California, Eden has glowing skin and vibrant eyes that hark back to the old world. Speaking of which, she counts antiques among her interests. I'm not sure if that means that she likes octogenarian men, though. Guess you oldsters will have to ask her yourself. Moving on, she's also a big animal lover. "I love to play with animals," she says. And I'm guessing they love playing with her. You can be sure she brings out the animal in anything she touches. And what does she prefer to touch? When asked what her sexual turn-ons are, she had a one-word answer: "girls". However, if you really want to impress her, bring her some strawberries and she'll be your sweetie for sure.
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