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Sandie Caine - Porn Star - Mandy, Sandie Davies, Sandie K., Sandie Moore, Sandy
Sandie Caine
Well I was born a while back on 10th August 1978. I grew up in an army town – hmmmm! Must be why I like men in uniform.
At 14 I became abit of a rebel and myself and my girlfriend would get ourselves into the local night club every Saturday night, drink cheap alcohol and allow soldiers to chat us up. Now at school this obviously gave me instant credibility and guys started paying lots of attention to me.
I remember being the first girl at school to lose her virginity – well girls and guys at school that dated had done it but I didn’t have (I should say want) a boyfriend! So I became the school slut. Yes I started my sluthood young!
I finished school at 15 and decided to experience life rather than go back to school.Eventually I became a fashion buyer for a well known and much respected department store in London.
Boring boring boring. In the meantime I had spent the last 7 years with the guy of my dreams. It all ended very bitterly and as they say ‘a woman scorned’ well, to be continued… I shouldn’t be too hard though. U lot have this guy to be thankful to for making me give him a blow job EVERY morning with out fail! This in turn made me the best cock sucker in the UK. Practice makes perfect and that I am! Well I got my revenge by deciding to do porn. Ha! Now well see who feels useless in bed! It was only ever supposed to be a short term fun thing but 3 months turned into 6, 6 months turned into 9 months and well…here I am now 4 years down the line.
I started off at the deep end and my first shoot featured me taking 2 big toys DP style. From there my next shoot was with Omar – considered The UK’s biggest cock at the time at 14inch. On this shoot I not only did my first boy/girl in the morning but also did a second scene in the afternoon taking big boy up my ass. I still went home after that and had a shag. See told u I was HARDCORE!
Well I continued being a completely dirty bitch and taking miles and miles of cock, licking tons and tons of delicious pussy and receiving gallons and gallons of cum.
In fact the later I got quite addicted to and began engaging in lots of Bukkakes. Mmmmmmm! I thought that sucking on loads of cocks and then being rewarded with a nice faceful of cum was amazing and had the great idea of filming my spunky sexploits for a new film series. I worked hard at producing British Bukkake Babes but the fun I had participating at all those sticky spunk baths was more than enough to keep me going. I was at some point labelled the British Bukkake queen! My job – imagine sex as a job. Isn’t it fantastic! Anyway, my job has taken me all over the world. To the United States and to tropical places like The Seychelles. Ive met porn idols such as Nina Hartley and Hershal Savage and made many friends along the way.
My greatest achievement happened after 3 years in the business. I was awarded BGAFD UK porn star of 2003. Not only was this the first UK award given to a UK performer but it was also voted for by the public. Now I say I just must have sucked an awful lot of the public’s cocks and that’s how I ended up with an award. The first thing I did with my little award was stick it up my pussy and use it as a new sex toy.
So I had a very successful dabble at producing my own films which I enjoyed almost as much as performing in them and I chose to make the transition from performing to producing my own movies. In 4 years Ive learnt what I like and Im sure other people will like my ideas too, most of which u will see at some point in this site. Now I only perform for myself in my own projects and this is what makes this site so great. Not only do u get all the fun of the last 4 years now u get completely exclusive footage of me because I only work for me!
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United Kingdom

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