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Zoe Zeman - Porn Star - Zoe Zelman
Zoe Zeman
Zoe Zeman
What's the saying... everything about Texas is big? Well, this Texas native is a living example of that motto. Big hazel eyes, a 5' 8" frame, and, of course, huge double D breasts! While in college, she began burning up the strip club stage, where she stayed for six years until deciding she needed to take a trip out to Southern California to visit a hardcore set. She decided right then and there to sign up for some Hardcore Championship Fucking, that being the title of her first film. She's been shooting videos ever since, though she tours on the feature dancer circuit whenever she doesn't have a film planned. She also enjoys singing, horseback riding, and working out. The biggest thing a guy can do to win her over is to show her respect. As for the near future, she's considering auctioning a date with herself for any of her fans that can front the cash on her website. She's also looking forward to going back to college for a degree in zoology or veterinary medicine.
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